Check the Steam Loss

How much steam you can save with ECOTRAP is depending entirely on how much loss you have.

“There are several ways you can check the loss in your existing steam system as follows.”

[ 1 ] A system with a steam flow meter

Install ECOTRAP in by-pass line of your existing steam trap. Run the existing steam trap first and then switch it to ECOTRAP. The difference of steam consumption between these two trap operations can be checked and compared.

[ 2 ] A system with no steam flow meter

  • Check the consumption of fuel in steam boiler.
  • ( In addition, this test may have less accuracy as the running environment may vary during the test.)
  • Check and compare the opening level of an automatic control valve in between ECOTRAP and your existing trap under the same condition. Then you can find out the steam loss of these two traps by Cv Formula.
  • Catch all energy of steam and drain discharged from steam trap into water vessel for a while (180sec – 300sec). Steam loss and drain can be calculated from the data of initial and final temperatures and weights of water.
  • # How to catch the energy from steam trap ? #
  • Put all of drain and steam from the trap into water.
  • After several seconds (over 180sec to 300sec recommend), put off the line from the trap to water.
  • Measure the catching time of discharged energy into water.
  • Steam and drain discharged from the trap can be calculated by measuring temperatures and weights of initial and final water and time.
  • By measuring the steam loss between two traps, the difference can be comfirmed.
  • Refer ASME PTC.39.1 in detail.
    We can give you the summary on your request. If you show us your test data,
    we reply the result of calculation and the examination.

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