Model Selection

An orifice steam trap is a relatively simple condensate removal device that only has a narrow hole designed to flow through steam condensate.

Therefore, selecting an appropriate model for your steam system is a very important in the process of minimizing your steam loss.

The result of our performance test shows that condensate effectively block live steam escaping from your steam system as far as condensate amount in the system is kept 30% or above of orifice output capacity. It means that suitable the model for your system is the one that would not underrun 30% of the orifice output capacity and capable of maintaining sufficient level of water under fluctuation of your steam system environment at all time.

The accurate amount of condensate in your steam system under vary condition is unknown for most of you. However, There is the way. We have the calculation formula from which we can tell you the exact amount of condensate in your system, if you could provide us the necessary data such as pressure before and after the trap and etc.

To collect all the necessary information to select the best suitable model for your system, we have the data sheets for you to fill out. The data sheets are designed to contain all the information we need, when you filled this page in either EXCEL or PDF format.

From that data, we know which model would suit for your system and e-mail it to us, then we know which model would suit for your steam system. Please feel free to contact us on “Inquiry Page” if you have any question.

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